Box Design Work In Progress

Hi, everyone!

I’m constantly working on this project and, being at the very end of things, I’m focusing a bit on the final product design – the box.

I’ve come up with this idea of creating a special traditional Romanian box, called a “zestre” (“trousseau”) box for my dolls. As the name itself says, it’s a box that young peasant women (ever since the beginning of our civilizations from this part of the world) would fill with he most precious and important objects that she and her future family would need in her “journey” as a married woman.



The traditional boxes are of extremely fine craftsmanship, whatever part of the country it would belong to. They’re usually highly decorated and some are of beautiful artistic value. Unfortunately, the most recent ones have lost their symbolism and mysticism and have simply become boxes painted with roses and other pretty, superfluous elements.

Nevertheless, few people have engaged in actually decoding the visual “phrases” and magical enchantments that the decorative symbols actually represent. They possess good energy, depending on the wishes, hopes and dreams “written” in symbols on it. I found a great study on the authentic “zestre” boxes and, for my Romanian readers, I’m sharing it below:


  Simbolistica Lazilor de Zestre by alinat on Scribd


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    Lovely idea!

    21 February 2017 Reply

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