Bendis Costume

Good morning!

It has been a really great week from launching my dolls – I feel confident, ready and excited about the prospect of creating even more. Thank you for your support!

I was thinking of sharing more “behind-the-scenes” images with you today, particularly those of the Bendis shirt. It’s a very intricate, fully hand-embroidered shirt embellished with Swarovski crystals and sand-beads. It took over 10 hours to create this one shirt.

As I mentioned many times, the symbolistic of the shirt is powerful and has its origins thousands of years earlier, when the societies that dwelled on the Romanian territory (and the neighboring ones) worshiped a mighty goddess (almost every particularity of hers has been lost in the passing of time). It is believed that the priestesses who worshiped her wore shirts with large, long-sleeved, resembling wings. Also, archeological discoveries have shown the importance of the spiral symbol for our ancestors – it represents the flowing of life itself.

This shirt shape (long sleeves) has been preserved in a specific Romanian area (Vrancea county), where starting with immemorable times, midwives in certain villages, when performing the ritual of assisting the arriving of new life wear (like their priestess-predecessors) this special shirt, with spirals curled around the long sleeves. While performing their duties, they roll their sleeves (magically activating the spirals) and by just holding the child in their arms, they’re actually symbolically introducing her into life. The child becomes a binder, uniting the two spirals, becoming one with them, a fragment of it – of life. Simply beautiful (knowledge learned from Iulia Gorneanu).

Here’s are a couple of samples of our beautiful heritage described above:

And my Bendis doll’s shirt:

Diana working on the embroidery –

And what resulted –



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