About Alice Dolls

Alice Dolls is the child of my  constant work in evolving – professionally and spiritually. They bring value to 2 sectors in our lives, which seem to suffer a great lack these days – play & spirituality.

The Story

As you know, you don’t need to be a child to play – play is what gets us closer to what is beyond the reasoning life, it connects us to our deeper self. How wonderful to do so with such culturally rich, meaningful objects!

The dolls celebrate Romanian mythology & folklore- each of them represents a known deity (sometimes more through symbols and visual representations than through actual words) which was celebrated for tenths of thousands of years on our territory. Tightly connected to this is the beautiful aesthetics of our traditional culture (which has roots exactly to those ancient cultures) which through millenias still transfer spiritual values to us through powerful symbols. As … put it, “symbols transmit that which words will never be able to.” That is why they have more power and “live” longer to “tell” the tale. This time, through Alice Dolls.

Why dolls? This project contains a prohane, earthly aspect – the actual doll, and a higher, spiritual meaning to what the doll actually represents – the Deity. They blend beautifully, slightly reminding me of our own dual, yet inseparable exact same natures.



Ceramics / Jewelry / Clothing

Kraft Made - clothing, Assamblage - jewelry, Valentina Sandovici - jewelry, Ciprian Ariciu - ceramics, Cristina Ciobanu - ceramics, Pink Moss - jewelry



Owner / Designer

Alice Dolls - The Movie

Curious how they were made (and more)? Here’s a sample of everyone’s magic cast on the Alice Dolls project and why they’re so special –


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